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  • Creating Persona's for a Travel Organisation

    You just can't make everyone happy, therefor it's important to focus your efforts on a few selected types  of clients. Preferable those that suits best to you, matches your values, interest, are profitable and above all are fun working with !

    To make these clients satisfied and happy you services should excel and fit to their specific needs, its vital to know your (potential) customers inside out and build a company around them that can serve them like no one else.

  • Choosing your niche
    Creating a Niche for your Travel Organisation

    The internet scattered cultural interest in zillion different pieces and sub cultures, however the longing for sense of belonging and be part of a group is, still very much wired into our brains.

    Since there are so many pieces of information coming at us at a daily basis, we have to filter most of it as non relevant, those pieces that go through the filter are that pieces of information that confirms you are part of the tribe you want to be part of, or even better can improve your status within that tribe.

  • Content Creation
    Digital Content Creation for Travel Organisations

    Content is king and your main component to reach, influence and convince travelers to do business with you. The consumption of content by consumers grew from a few different commercials and advertisements per year to hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted pieces of content.

    Creating sales with your content, isn't easy, how do you have the right content that can compete with all those other pieces, be consumed, builds trust, influences and convinces to do business with you ?

  • Meetings to Reset Your Plan
    Meetings to ReSet and Stir to your Goals.

    No matter how good you plan, there will always be things that go different. 

    Campaign costs are higher then expected, staff getting sick, demand plunges etc.

    And then you need to adjust, in Value Through Passion's framework we call this ReSet. 

    If you work with a team, resetting will be done with the help of meetings. 

    I prefer to have meetings on a weekly basis for a team but if your organisation feels more comfortable with biweekly or monthly that is good too. 

  • Strategy
    Creating a Strategy for a Travel Organisation
    In this blog i will some thoughts of what i believe is needed to create a simple strategy for a travel company that works.  The blog includes a free strategy template for a tourism organisation.