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A brand helps prepare customers for what to expect.

The goal of brand marketing is to boost people’s perception of your company or product

When people interact with your company, they will develop a a view of your company with attached feelings, that are based on the experiences they had with your product.

Before they arrive they are probably exited,

If your tour was fantastic, through all the beautiful spots you offer, they might feel amazed. After an excellent community based tourism visit they might feel full of joy. If something happened or a connection got delayed, they will feel frustrated.

And if your experience is crappy, they will be pissed.

All these feelings are part of your brand image, and when your clients are sharing these feelings online they become a big part of how people perceive your company.

Your communication needs to be in line with that, amplify the feelings you want to be connected with your organisation, combined with your own intention, purpose and passion.

Why are you doing what you are doing,

A brand is a statement, it helps to define for who this companies is and not is. Preferable, engaging and something your clients / fans can passionately agree with (or not / hate it).

Above all believable.


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