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Content Creation

Digital Content Creation for Travel Organisations

Content is king and your main component to reach, influence and convince travelers to do business with you. The consumption of content by consumers grew from a few different commercials and advertisements per year to hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted pieces of content.

Creating sales with your content, isn't easy, how do you have the right content that can compete with all those other pieces, be consumed, builds trust, influences and convinces to do business with you ?

The best pieces of content these days are video, the can cover a message in the fastest way. However to let people watch a video, you need a still or a very good first second. 

Humans work with images for thousands of years, think about cave drawings, our brains are wired to quickly extract a message from an image too. 

Make highly relevant content

The content you serve to customers should be relevant, personalized and actionable and should assist your visitors towards a sale. To get attention, in the first place, you need to create a "wow this suits me" feeling to impress people within seconds. People are making decisions faster than ever before, they scroll through feeds and then act on an impulse that triggers them, of course then you need to serve the right follow up content without hassle and distraction or the back button is hit as fast as the impulse clicked on your served content. 

To make this wow content, you have to make sure your content appeals to the people you are targeting it too and that you preferable give it a unique message that is aligned with your Unique Selling Points. You can't make content that sells if you haven't defined a clear strategy

While making content you should always make the next action simple, learn more, get more tips, book, think about what the person who reads the content needs as a next step. 

To make relevant follow up content, its important is that you ask, why does a traveler come to consume this piece of content and what does it expect the content to do / help him or her with.

Make sure your teaser content, doesn't shout to much and make over promises you can't follow up with your next piece of content, stay believable, authentic. Make sure you have content that travelers need while they are selecting which country to travel to, all the way to why they should choose your company and how you make sure they will have the best holiday ever. 
Always stick to you angle, try to let each piece of content be a proof of your Unique Selling Points and the brand you stand for. If you can create a sense of belonging to your company, for example we are sustainble, care about the planet and its culture and nature and show people the beauty of the planet and ways to help them protect it.

Example of companies who try to do this are G adventures and Intrepid

A good way of staying authentic is to show experiences of previous customers enjoying your services, and travelers already share a lot of these experiences themselves. I'm hesitant with working with beauty influencers who show their nicest dresses, though this could work in some luxury segment i prefer to keep it as real as possible.  

Only create content for your chosen persona's

Sometimes you are feeling not very creative and you don't know what to create, then its better to wait for a day instead of creating content that is not laser focused and helpful for the travelers you defined in your strategy. 

To make your brand message work, consistency is a must. You have to be disciplined to stay in line with what you agreed in your strategy, that's why its impossible to work without one.



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