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Set, Act, Measure & ReSet your Digital Marketing Goals

Boosting the occupancy of your hotel or serviced apartment starts with setting the right goals and having a solid plan to Act on.

In this range of articles i will share with you how to set your digital marketing goals. Show you which actions to take to reach your goals. How you measure if you are on track to achieve those goals and how to reset your goals based on your measurements.

With Occupancy Booster we have used the Set Act Measure & Reset (SAMR) framework successfully for various hotels, serviced apartments and even tour operators.  

First Step: Set Smart Goals


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The basis for any good plan to boost the occupancy of a hotel or serviced apartment is to have SMART goals, smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. To be able to set achievable and relevant goals we first need to understand the  current situation of our hospitality business.  

Analyse the current situation of your hospitality Business:

To be able to set smart goals it wise to do a scan of your apartment or hotels business. These days it’s quite complicated to keep in touch with your audience throughout their sales cycle.

Each future guest goes through a number of “touchpoints” with you and your competitors before they book with your hotel or apartment.

It’s your job to be visible at each step of their journey and to present your future guests with the right messages that push them forward in their sales journey and closer to a stay in your accommodation.

To be able to provide your potential guest with the right information at the right time you need to understand them, track them and be aware of how the competition is communicating with them.

I suggest you start with a quick SWOT analysis where you look at your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your hotels or serviced apartments business. (don’t think to long about it, just a rough idea is good enough to get you going)


Then have a look at some of your competitors websites. How do they present themselves online, what are their prices and what are their guest reviews, can you extract their USP’s (Unique Selling Points) and maybe even the persona’s (business guests, leisure guests, etc) they target ? Can you find a the pattern in the messages that your competitors use (are they repeating certain elements a lot, for example, best, cheapest, comfortable etc).

After we have a good idea of what the competition is doing we start to look at our own hotel or serviced apartment. What is this years revenue & occupancy. What was your RevPar (Revenue Per Apartment Unit or Hotel room), ADR (Average Daily Rates) and average revenue per booking.  

How did your various sales channels and OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies like, Agoda & Expedia) perform.

How is your website doing ? How many sessions did you get and from where ? How many times did they book with you online, or did they filled in your contact forms or maybe even called you from your site.


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How are your social channels doing: how many followers do you have and from where ? Are they engaging with your content, how many people do you reach with your posts and where ? Do people click through to your website or are they using messenger to ask questions ?  


Once we finished this scan we should have a basic ideas of how we performed so far and what goals to set for the future.


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