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Content Creation

Content Creation

Digital Marketeers always state that content is king.

What they mean is that to generate extra sales you have to create the right content.

What is the right content ?

The content you offer to your customers on either social media, OTA's or your own website should be relevant, personalized and actionable.
But there is so much content, your content should also be unique, how do you stand out ?

Authentic guidance towards a sales

In short that means your content should assist the visitors towards a sale. Good content doesn't scream, it tries to be an authentic help towards a next step to a sale or action. That means you want your content to be actionable towards the desired outcome and the next step you expect the reader to take should be very clear. 

Before creating content ask these questions :

  • For who (which persona) is this content ?
    • look up in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Where is the client in the customer journey ?
  • What is the desired outcome ? What kind of action do i want the user to take ?
  • Which emotion do i want the user to experience ?
  • How do i stimulate all senses with this content
  • Which Unique Selling Points of my company match this content

If you answered the above questions, its much easier for your team or service provider to write quality content that rules your digital assets as a king.

Once the content is ready validate if the content fits in your mission.

(Make sure your team and service provider are well aware of your mission.

Does your travel or hospitality company need help with writing content ?

Value Through Passion helps you set the right digital strategy and to create assisting content that will rule like a king on your digital assets.

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