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Conversion Management

The conversion of a website is the number of sales per 100 web sessions is one of the key metrics that decides how much you can spent on your marketing.

If you can make your sales conversion of your website just a little bit better, then this will have a flywheel impact on your revenue and on the amount of money you are able to spend on marketing which again is an extra boost of your revenue.

How does the conversion flywheel work  ?

Lets say you have a conversion of 1% sales to every 100 users that are coming to your Mount Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal webpage that cost $ 1000,- .

And you have monthly 800 users coming on the Everest Base Camp trekking page, that means you are selling every month to 4 users a mount everest base camp trek. 

This means you sell 8 x 1000 = 8000 usd per month x 12 = 96,000 usd a year. 

A 25% increase in your conversions leads to a turn over improvement of 50%

Now you have added better pictures, improved your booking form and increased your conversion to 1.25% 

With the same amount of traffic you now have not 8 bookings but 800 x 1,25 = 10 bookings. 

A 25% increase in sales. 

But you bought this users with advertisements for lets say 25 cents per click: 

800 x 25 cent = 200 usd -> you spend 25% of your turn over on advertising. 

Now you still spent 200 usd -> but you get 10,000 usd revenue your marketing margin goes down. 

If you keep this at 25% you can now spend suddenly 250 USD = 1000 users * 1.25 = 12 bookings. 

-> A conversion increase of 25% led to a boost of 50% in sales with the same margins !! 

That's why digital marketeers often focus on a better conversion before they start to spend more money on SEO or advertising. 

Summarized the conversion flywheel means:

If your conversion is worse then your competitors, you have to spend more on your marketing. Making your product either more expensive or you have to take less margins.

That's why improving your conversion is a key element in your digital marketing strategy

Value Through Passion, your conversion management partner from Kathmandu

Value Through Passion has more then a decade experience of optimizing conversions numbers of travel and hospitality websites in the Netherlands, Turkey, Nepal & Myanmar. 

Curious how we can make the conversion flywheel work for your organisation ?

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Conversion Optimization Check List

Is there

  • Urgency in the offer
  • A reason why customers should buy this product
  • A focus on the wanted conversion
  • A Phone number / contact possibility on the page
  • A clear call to action

Is it clear what customers should do on this page
Is the website looking good on mobile and on desk tops.