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Set Goals

Our goals give direction to come to our main goal from our strategy (north start).

While we set Goals it's wise that everyone knows the companies strategy well. We set goals for teams as well as individuals because if no one is accountable to reach a certain goals changes are big the goals won't be met.
If goals are connected to roles, and role full fillers have a good understanding of how this goal fits in the bigger strategy. If you can combine these goals with skills that the role full filler needs to improve the company goals become part of individual growth and you have a nice interlinked strategy where personal growth meets company growth. 

Value Through Passion helps you with setting clear goals and system to measure and redefine goals on a month basis so the company stays agile and stirs immediately when needed. 

Sent a email to to create digital strategies that bring your travel or hospitality company growth.

Social Media Goals

Besides the typical output goals like reach and like of social media posts that to measure your success.  

You also want to track which messages were sent to which persona’s at which stage of the customer journey and how successful / assistive those message were.

Example of Social Media goals are:

Brand Awareness: