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Set Your Strategy

Set Your Strategy

The reason of having a strategy is to stay focused. There are so many digital marketing opportunities these days that its easy to get lost without a clear idea what you are going to do.
The art is to create extra value to your customers by telling an engaging story that is meaningful and assists your chosen persona's all the way from dreaming about a holiday until sharing their experience of their travels with others.

One of the most important choices in your strategy if to define your niche. There are very few successful generalists and they were either very early start ups or resource full big companies.

Most of us will be successful only by focusing on a niche. 

You can either build a niche around a product, or around a market / persona.

How do you find a niche for your travel or hospitality business ?

We at Value Through Passion start with discovering your purpose and the companies purpose. We feel that working from a inner calling or working in a way that is in line with your value significantly increases your changes of success.

From your purpose we work to your vision and mission and then start match activities, products and services that fit within your niche.

Selecting focus products and services

What are the companies strengths, and to what kind of products and services can the create extra value that is not easy to copy by competitors. Porter a economic professor calls this a competitive advantage.  

We call it like more others Unique Selling Points. 

Which of your travel or hospitality products / services have a high margin ? And which products have a high turn over ? 

Value Through Passion identifies these products and services with the 80 / 20 rule. This rule claims that in most companies 20% of the products contribute to 80 % of revenue.

The reason we select just a few products is that this helps you to focus your digital marketing efforts on those products that give you the most return.

Its time consuming and costly to optimizes your services for a competitive advantage. Optimize processes, have better guides then others, having the right up selling combinations etc. To master this takes time. You need to become a super specialist to stand out in the crowd and be seen on your niche. 

By selecting our products we focus on the things that go good. Products that don't sell we throw out of our portfolio.

We keep on crafting and make the good things of the business better. Its easy to get sucked into solving problems, however focusing on the positive sides of your business is not only more fun but also give a higher return.

The Strategy template we use at Value Through Passion can be filled in this google doc

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Set Your Mission

A mission defines what business you are in and what you want to achieve with your travel or hospitality business. 

Sometime its difficult to create a mission from scratch. 

Value through Passion Selected some missions we like. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel -

Our mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests. We are committed to continual improvement, to making a difference every day and to being the best.