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Creating Persona's for a Travel Organisation

You just can't make everyone happy, therefor it's important to focus your efforts on a few selected types  of clients. Preferable those that suits best to you, matches your values, interest, are profitable and above all are fun working with !

To make these clients satisfied and happy you services should excel and fit to their specific needs, its vital to know your (potential) customers inside out and build a company around them that can serve them like no one else.

Creating a Niche for your Travel Organisation

People have different passions and different interests. And for all those different interests their is a vast amount of information on the internet highly targeted and especially crafted to the needs of these people.

Because there is so much travel content online, it's incredibly difficult to sell travel products on the internet that are not targeted towards a niche, very few player are able to do this.

Creating a Strategy for a Travel Organisation
In this blog i will some thoughts of what i believe is needed to create a simple strategy for a travel company that works.  The blog includes a free strategy template for a tourism organisation.
Branding your travel organisation or destination

A brand helps prepare customers for what to expect.

The goal of brand marketing is to boost people’s perception of your company or product

When people interact with your company, they will develop a a view of your company with attached feelings, that are based on the experiences they had with your product.

Before they arrive they are probably exited,

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