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Social Media

Social Media

Start with one social media at a time, does it work for your travel company go for the next.

If you start, post regular, work on the quality and start boosting your post to your targeted audiences that you defined in your strategy, preferable as narrow as possible like for example to cities where satisfied clients live that have recently booked your products. You have a nice way of boosting and supporting the natural word of mouth from your clients.

Most important when working with social media is that you have to be clear, with your messages, you need to grab attention quickly, people don't have time and act with a split second. 

But also post frequently, its better to focus on only social media channel and do this channel good then spreading your attention over several social media channels. 

If you don't post regular a social media doesn't work, because its about 2 way communication, building an audience, if you are silent for long times, you are like that friend that never calls back.

What do I do with social media ? 

Social Media is used to interact with potential clients, to tell your brand story (who you are) why to buy from you vs others, you can also use it to help customers get the most out of their holiday with practical tips and to convince people to buy your product because its to good to resist.

Because social media is network where friend / family / relations interact with each other its a great place to amplify previous clients recommending a trip, which is super power full.  

Value Through Passion and Social Media

Do you want to learn more about how Value Trough Passion can help your travel organisation grow to its full potential. Then please send us an email. 


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