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Travel Blogging and Guest Posts
As a travel company there are 2 ways to do work with guest blogging, invite a traveller blogger to blog about you on their or your blog. 
Tips for Marketing Content Creation for Travel Organisations
In depth article about how to create strategic marketing content that influences and convince travelers to book with your travel organisation.
Tips on writing texts for your travel content marketing

How do you write compelling travel marketing content that is in line with your strategy ?

If you find it difficult to start writing texts from scratch, a good idea is to check on what your competitors are writing. Use that as your starting point and try to make their text better aligned to your specific target audience. 

How to Create : Travel Video Marketing Content

Lets start with which i feel is till (after 3 years) one of the shortest and easiest to understand video about why you need staring to create video travel marketing content even though its actually a commercial. 

Summerised: it's the fastest way to communicate available and people love videos. 

How to find a freelance travel content creator

Before you start with outsourcing make a clear briefing that explains what kind of travel content are looking for, what your target audience is, what the goal is of the content, maybe a summery of your digital marketing strategy, a short briefing about your destination and how you will measure the success of the content.

Be clear about how much money you want to spend on the content. 

If you know what you want you can find a freelancer that suits your needs on several freelancer portals.

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