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Creating Persona's for a Travel Organisation

You just can't make everyone happy, therefor it's important to focus your efforts on a few selected types  of clients. Preferable those that suits best to you, matches your values, interest, are profitable and above all are fun working with !

To make these clients satisfied and happy you services should excel and fit to their specific needs, its vital to know your (potential) customers inside out and build a company around them that can serve them like no one else.

To do this we make so called persona's or key clients. Creating them is one of the most important choices in your marketing strategy, If your not clear about who your persona's are it will be difficult to develop the right (best) products and marketing campaigns. 

Personas are descriptions of your most important client types. Through research, customers forms and lot of interaction with your clients you will create profiles that help you and your team understand them best. 

Creating personas will help to understand the needs of the guests, the experiences they are looking for, their behaviors and their goals of their visit. 

Digital makes defining these customers even more important, because tools and technique help customers in their preferences. Think about the google assistant, siri and alexa, they search for things their owners like based on their previous behavior and preferences, they make a kind of character out of them. 

By making a persona, and align all your efforts to make these "persona's" happy, the more change you become a preference in their systems. 

How many persona's should i have ?

The number of Persona's that suit your company, is a strategic decision, if you are going for a narrow niche you stick to one. In general it's easier to limit to a few persona's and expand only if you feel you do good and this is your strategy for growth.

Question to ask to build a persona. 

Marriage status
Where do they live ?
Do they have children ?
Age of children ?
Education ?
Industries they work ?
Job role ?
How does a typical day of this person look like
What kind of social media and communication tools do they use
Which apps are installed on their phone.
What newspapers / magazines do they read
What is their goal in life


Why do they go on holiday / travel / go to a hotel ?
What is this person worried about while taking the service ?
What do they want to get out of their holiday / hotel ?
What are expectations towards the company ?
What will help to out beat their expectations ?
Who influences their decisions ?
How do they research about your product ?
ow do they decide to choose for your company ?
Which platforms will they use to gather information ?
What do you want your persona to feel ?
Where did they previously go on holiday or which other countries / experiences might be on their short list ?




Do you need help with building persona's and or strategic direction of your company ? Do contact Value Through Passion.