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writing texts for travel content marketing

Tips on writing texts for your travel content marketing

How do you write compelling travel marketing content that is in line with your strategy ?

If you find it difficult to start writing texts from scratch, a good idea is to check on what your competitors are writing. Use that as your starting point and try to make their text better aligned to your specific target audience. 

Just copy paste their text and adjust it to your situation, make sure you changed the text enough that it really becomes your text:  try to use your competitors as inspiration not to copy them. 

When writing try to keep it as short as possible, unnecessary text leads to skipping,  if your text needs to be long to give a good description than mention early in the text what people who will read the article learn from reading it.

Screen your sentences if you are using all sense to paint a travel experience. Writing that something is a great place for example has no meaning, however writing:

"Imagine walking through an old middle ages street, passing a traditional boulangerie, where the smell of freshly baked croissants, mix with the tunes of an accordion player singing traditional french chansons"

Takes the mind of a reader to the experience you want to sell. 

Writing a good Title

Titles are the reason people click on a post, link ad, search listing etc.

Try to be specific and let readers know what to expect and for who the text is interesting. Make the title with simple words everyone understands.

Ghorepani Trek - Best Mountain View Trek for Family and Children


9 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking

If you are only mentioning the name of destination, you assume travelers already know about the destination, but that is not always the case. Especially not for people early in the customer journey.

Short Checklist to use if your title is good

Is title easy to understand
Make the title not too long - max 10 preferable 8 words (SEO 7) Does the title make you curious ?
Can you add emotion in the title ?
Does the title make the reader important ?
Do I understand from the title that there is value for me reading the text
Is it clear why i should read the text ?
If you are not sure about a title, do some a/b testing especially with facebook and google ads this is very easy to set up.