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Customer Journeys for Tourism Organisations

Travelers are more empowered then ever, they can get anything they want at any time. They are demanding, impatient and want to consume information in a fast clear and personalized way that creates value for them.

But how do you do that, and how do you know what kind of information a traveler needs when. To make this insightful many tourism companies use Customer Journeys to map the information needs of their target audiences. 

How to use market research to select your target markets

When making your digital marketing strategy you want to know which markets suit your business best

What are best selling countries, What are best selling cities

How to Create Unique Selling Points for your Travel Organisation

Unique Selling Points is a marketing term to describe reasons why customers should do business with you. Unique Selling Points (USPs) are important because they help you to quickly communicate to people who don't know your travel business why they should choose your business over your competitors. 

What do you stand for as a business what is your purpose ? Why are you doing what you are doing ? That passion and energy is a good start for crafting your USP's

Travel Blogging and Guest Posts
As a travel company there are 2 ways to do work with guest blogging, invite a traveller blogger to blog about you on their or your blog. 
Online Advertising for Travel Companies

The primary goal of an advertising campaign is to influence the buying behavior of an audience by promoting your products or services to potential or existing customers. You want to lead someone to action.


If you want to influence an audience, you have to put them at the center.


If you lack a strategy, your marketing isn’t an investment. It’s a gamble


But if you use your set strategy focus on the persona's with your top products and then experiment, optimise and repeat. Magic can occur.


Curate Travel Content to Market your Tourism Organisation

You don't always have to make new travel marketing content from scratch. You can also curate content. Which means you select the best pieces of existing content to share your message and enhances your status as an expert in your niche or proof that the travel experiences you are offering are indeed worth a try. 

To curate travel content, you check what kind of content is already online.

There are several ways that can help you with finding content

Making a Travel Website

When making a web page, consider what kind of questions the visitor who comes on this pages has, and how you can answer the easily and drive them to product of their needs.

Make your website alligned with your strategy and focus on your key markets, persona’s, USP’s, top selling destinations & experiences 

People don't end up just buying directly on your website, the will come back mulitple times before you are able to pull off a sale.

Tips for Marketing Content Creation for Travel Organisations
In depth article about how to create strategic marketing content that influences and convince travelers to book with your travel organisation.
Tips on writing texts for your travel content marketing

How do you write compelling travel marketing content that is in line with your strategy ?

If you find it difficult to start writing texts from scratch, a good idea is to check on what your competitors are writing. Use that as your starting point and try to make their text better aligned to your specific target audience. 

How to Create : Travel Video Marketing Content

Lets start with which i feel is till (after 3 years) one of the shortest and easiest to understand video about why you need staring to create video travel marketing content even though its actually a commercial. 

Summerised: it's the fastest way to communicate available and people love videos. 

How to find a freelance travel content creator

Before you start with outsourcing make a clear briefing that explains what kind of travel content are looking for, what your target audience is, what the goal is of the content, maybe a summery of your digital marketing strategy, a short briefing about your destination and how you will measure the success of the content.

Be clear about how much money you want to spend on the content. 

If you know what you want you can find a freelancer that suits your needs on several freelancer portals.

Creating Persona's for a Travel Organisation

You just can't make everyone happy, therefor it's important to focus your efforts on a few selected types  of clients. Preferable those that suits best to you, matches your values, interest, are profitable and above all are fun working with !

To make these clients satisfied and happy you services should excel and fit to their specific needs, its vital to know your (potential) customers inside out and build a company around them that can serve them like no one else.

Creating a Niche for your Travel Organisation

Creating a niche means crafting products specially created for a very specific group of travelers versus a general offer everyone might like. 

Its wise to create a niche because travelers have different passions and different interests. And for all those different interests their is a vast amount of information on the internet highly targeted and especially crafted to the needs of these people.

Meetings to ReSet and Stir to your Goals.

No matter how good you plan, there will always be things that go different. 

Campaign costs are higher then expected, staff getting sick, demand plunges etc.

And then you need to adjust, in Value Through Passion's framework we call this ReSet. 

If you work with a team, resetting will be done with the help of meetings. 

I prefer to have meetings on a weekly basis for a team but if your organisation feels more comfortable with biweekly or monthly that is good too. 

Creating a Strategy for a Travel Organisation
In this blog i will some thoughts of what i believe is needed to create a simple strategy for a travel company that works.  The blog includes a free strategy template for a tourism organisation.
Branding your travel organisation or destination

A brand helps prepare customers for what to expect.

The goal of brand marketing is to boost people’s perception of your company or product

When people interact with your company, they will develop a a view of your company with attached feelings, that are based on the experiences they had with your product.

Before they arrive they are probably exited,

Impact digitalisering op Toerisme in Ontwikkelings Landen.

Dit is een draft artikel dat ik graag samen met jullie uitbreid, wat zijn jouw ideeën en gedachten, zie ik het verkeerd, heb je nieuwe ontwikkelingen gezien ?

Digitale Ontwikkelingen en hun betekenis

In USA heeft 84% van de jongeren nog nooit een offline travel agent gebruikt.

De mobiele telefoon met "always on internet" is de nieuwe game changer, nooit hadden mensen de mogelijkheid om 24/7 bij alle informatie te kunnen. 

Social Media

Start with one social media at a time, does it work for your travel company go for the next.

If you start, post regular, work on the quality and start boosting your post to your targeted audiences that you defined in your strategy, preferable as narrow as possible like for example to cities where satisfied clients live that have recently booked your products. You have a nice way of boosting and supporting the natural word of mouth from your clients.